Customer Awareness Brochure

For Bank AL Habib's iBanking Customers, an extensive Customer Awareness Programme has been established. This Customer Awareness Brochure has been developed to make our valued customers aware of the number of initiatives undertaken by the Bank to facilitate its customers in enjoying secure internet banking.

The Terms and Conditions of BAHL's iBanking facility can be found here, which explain the Role and Responsibilities of Bank AL Habib and the iBanking user, as well as the Disclosure requirements under Payment Systems and Electronic Funds Transfer Act, 2007.

In the unlikely event that you face any problems in using our iBanking services and would like to lodge a complaint, the details can be accessed here. For instances where you have forgotten your password, please use the following link to log in and reset your account password. A walkthrough for the process can be accessed here.

With the growing variety of viruses, malware, and other deceptive tools aimed at compromising your security, it’s important to protect your confidential information from being exposed. We at Bank AL Habib know the importance of security and protecting our customers, and have compiled a list of security tips that you can use to safeguard yourself on the Internet.

From time to time, Bank AL Habib will also issue updated guidelines and alerts for the continued security of our customers while using the iBanking services. These guidelines / alerts are formulated both in English and Urdu for your convenience, and can be found here:

These links can also be directly accessed at any time in the ‘Latest News’ section on the Bank’s homepage.

For more information visit your nearest Bank AL Habib Branch or your relationship branch where your account is maintained, or contact us as below .